‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ in the Blue Peter Garden

It was great to go back to the Blue Peter Garden to film a clip combining two of my favourite things, gardens and birds!



Clink here to watch the clip

its available on iPlayer until 3rd March 2017

Behind the scenes

After running through the script and scenes, we were ready for filming and the very moment they said “ACTION”, the rain came down; that’s Manchester for you!!

We hung around for a while waiting for it to clear and shortly after lunch there was a dry spell, so it was all systems go!

Whilst there was still some purple sprouting broccoli growing, the rest of the Blue Peter Garden was put ‘to bed’ on my last visit in late autumn; this was the day I got my Silver Blue Peter Badge  #GetMe!

But today wasn’t about gardening, it was about how to attract more wildlife into your garden, in particular, birds and despite the rain there were starlings, wrens and even a cormorant flying overhead.

Anyone knows who watches Blue Peter that their ‘makes’ are epic and it’s been my dream to be involved in one. So, I was well chuffed to be asked to show Lindsay how to make a ‘fat ball’. In the past I’ve made these at home, school and scouts so I felt fairly confident to make one on TV – I even added a bit of my own ideas by using sticks as perches.

I even got to say those famous words……….

“Here’s one I made earlier”

Later on our ‘birdwatch’ we were introduced to James who works for the RSPB. He told us all about the birds in the area and how to increase your chances of getting wildlife in your garden

I know my birds, but I don’t know this species!!

What an amazing day and check out the apples on the crab apple tree I planted in August – they looked beautiful against the blue winter sky

Another memorable day spent at the Blue Peter Garden; the cast and crew are so friendly – I well enjoyed it !

My next blog will be my take on the RHS Campaign to

‘Green Grey Britain’

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3 Responses to ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ in the Blue Peter Garden

  1. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Well done George, you was amazing, watched with great interest i am going to make the fat balls with perch. Job done.


    • Hi Joan, I hope you loved the Blue Peter appearance, making fat balls is great as birds love them and will help them battle through the long cold winter and adding a perch helps the birds you are not as acrobatic as a nuthatch to feed.


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