Waxwing Wonderland at Hulme Community Garden Centre

I got slightly side-tracked from writing a blog about the RHS Greening Grey Britain Campaign this weekend,

when I heard that waxwings were feasting on an apple tree at Hulme Community Garden Centre. So, with a little charm I convinced my Mum to take me down and WOW, what a sight!

It didn’t take me long to spot them as one of the guys from Hulme CGC took me straight to the apple tree that they were feasting from. The fact that a crowd had gathered under the tree also gave it away!

Waxwings are a thrush size bird which come over to Britain from Scandinavia. They are pale in colour and  have a quiff on the top of their head. Males have a strong line running down their wing (females have a less defined line.) On their wing they also have a small yellow dash and a little red dot which looks like sealing wax, which gives them the name waxwing.

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Here’s a quick video too

Hulme CGC is a great place and we visit quite a lot, especially for their events. You can just stroll round and check out the different growing areas, pond and shop. It’s got a fantastic vibe and is great for wildlife too. I once saw a peregrine hunting here and in warmer months the pond is frog central !

After a bite to eat at Kim by the Sea we went back to look at the waxwings for a short while, before they were spooked and flew off to a nearby tree

Hulme CGC is a great place; join them at their next event on 19th February for their annual Potato Day, where you can buy lots of different seed spuds – it’s where we always buy ours!

Right, I’m defo off to write the Greening Grey Britain post – no more feathered distractions!

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4 Responses to Waxwing Wonderland at Hulme Community Garden Centre

  1. Looks like you had a fab day out! Looking forward to reading more of your posts mate 🙂


  2. joan mycroft says:

    Amazing. Birds George so glad you got a chance to see them, and a great time at Hulme garden centre. My secret garden. Love it.


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