Spring time planting back in the Blue Peter Garden

Last weekend I went back to the Blue Peter Garden to start some spring planting with one of the presenters, The Legend, Barney Harwood.

Lindsey and I had put the Blue Peter Garden ‘to bed’ back in December and the Manchester weather was at its worst, but on this filming session the sun was beaming down on Media City!

Click here to watch the clip on iPlayer; it’s available until the 8th June 2017


Lovin’ this @CBBC tweet too!


Gardening Rock Stars !!

Check me and Barney out – dudes!

Practice makes perfect

Here I am reading through the script

Planting Plan

All gardeners have a planting plan and here’s me and Barney planning where the strawberries, potatoes and peas were going to go.

Planting time

Once we had made our decision, we cracked on with planting; I did the strawberries, Barney dug the trench for the potatoes. It’s a big space to fill and there were a lot of plants, so the crew had to join in!

My Dad makes the final cut!

They even roped in my Dad!! He was made up as he received a Blue Peter badge !!!

Fame at last!

Barney is a legend so it was no surprise to see a huge crowd building up. We had a bit of a break and here’s the thing the BP cast and crew are so friendly that they took time out to speak to every single child. As Barney signed autographs and had his picture taken handed out packets of RHS Campaign for School Gardening seeds.

Soon the filming session with Barney was at an end, I loved working with him he’s #EPIC

More filming

My day wasn’t quite over as I filmed a short clip for the CBeebies ‘Let’s Go Club’, where I was interviewed by reporters Zaiba and Aiden. Not quite sure when that’s gonna be aired.

Another great experience for me in the Blue Peter Garden, it was #OfficiallyAmazing

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8 Responses to Spring time planting back in the Blue Peter Garden

  1. toekneep says:

    Nice one George! Gardening made cool. 😉


  2. Joan mycroft says:

    Amazing day for you George, well done the gardens are going to be fabulous when they all come up And can be picked.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Being a good gardener is really tough especially for a first timer, thank you for your suggestions. I also learn a lot of important things about gardening somewhere https://goo.gl/DH4SqF

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