Back to nature at RHS Chelsea

I’ve been posting on social media all week about my visit to RHS Chelsea Flower Show and here’s a very quick wrap up.



I could write about perfect plants, sublime sculptures, lush landscaping and epic engineering, but for me there was a clear message at Chelsea….. ‘that gardening and being outdoors makes you feel great!.

RHS Back to Nature Garden designed by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge with Andree Davies & Adam White

The theme was simple; to get families to ditch the tech, get outside and reconnect with nature. To explore, to experience, to create memories, to relax and discover nature for yourself.

It was as if a piece of ancient woodland, had been carved up and plonked in the middle of Chelsea, it was lush and I loved it.



Welcome to Yorkshire Garden designed by Mark Gregory

Gardens can make you feel like you have come home and living a stone’s throw from the Huddersfield Canal this garden certainly did! It was one of those landscapes you instantly recognise, for me a ‘go to’ place when my head’s mashed from school. Mark, you nailed it!



The Morgan Stanley Garden designed by Chris Beardshaw

There are days when school gives me a knot in my stomach. If I had a garden like this to come home to, I think it would soon disappear. I can just imagine myself sitting in that pod, admiring the view, with a brew and chilling out.

Loved the bonsai Chris, I would have slipped it in my back pocket if I could !



The CAMFED – giving girls in Africa a space to grow garden designed by Jilayne Rickards

There’s such a sense of pride when you grow your own and whilst we obviously grow different crops in England they are still incredibly edible! The more food you can grow yourself, the less miles it has to travel, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint.

Growing your own, it’s just win win!



Green Switch Garden designed by Kazayuki Ishihara

Nobody does Japanese Gardens better than Mr Ishihara; they represent tranquillity, peace, order and beauty. A place where you can switch off from stress and feed your soul. He’s such a cool dude, I’m in awe!



Hampshire Carnivorous Plants – The Diversity of Sarracenia

From feeding your soul to feeding your obsession – have I ever told you I like carnivorous plants?!?!?!



The Greenfingers Charity Garden designed by Kate Gould

…..and sometimes you need a place to go to when things are really tough



The Montessori Centenary Children’s Garden designed by Jody Lidgard

I think a school like this would have worked for me; a place to learn and be nurtured



….and then there’s gardens, just to have fun with friends and be with those you love.



I understand that not everyone can get to RHS Chelsea, but the idea behind the show is to inspire people to get outdoors, reconnect us with nature and remind us of our own horticultural heaven!

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7 Responses to Back to nature at RHS Chelsea

  1. Amanda Groombridge says:

    A wonderful post George, Thank you so much for sharing, it is so inspirational to see.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire says:

    George I am so proud of you, Sat here in the Alex recovering from op reading your blog. Watching Chelsea on tv in my room. Can’t wait to get well enough to get back in the garden. Was weeding last night before I came in.
    I never tire of reading about your adventures. Love you George see you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Grobdale of Girthon says:

    I think that’s my favourite of all your blogs , I love the photos of you and mum in your shades, of Alana pulling stunts x and of you sat in Mr Ish’s garden .. lovely and the found up of your fave bits .. great can’t wait to see you lot in the summer miss you Mancs xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Barbara Shockledge says:

    Beautiful! Yes, up there with your best of blogs. So well said and put together. You make us all so proud of you George. You just keep getting better!!! xxx


  5. Joan Mycroft says:

    Wow George you have had a fabulous week, seen some amazing gardens, so proud of you I am sure you still have a lot to tell us. Wish you well in all you do, inspiring young man. Which if any was your mine is Chris Beershaws not sure I have his name right. But thought it was beautiful, also I loved the MND garden .fir personal meaning.


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