It’s grow, grow, grow back in my home garden!!!

I’ve had a busy few weeks at Flower Shows, Festivals and Camping Trips and now its back to normality with a bit of gardening at home.

Yesterday, I repotted a marsh marigold and placed it in its new home, the pond; here’s all the other jobs I’ve been up to this weekend.

Swell sweetcorn

We planted sweetcorn from seed in early May in pots; the variety is called, swift. Then I planted it into the raised bed at the beginning of June. The last picture is how it looks today and if all goes well it should be ready for harvesting in late summer/early autumn.

Superb sunflowers

The sunflower is a giant variety off my Uncle Terry and Aunty Barbara, which they gave to us as seedlings; we’ve potted them on to protect them from the slugs and then planted them in the garden today.

We also grown some from seed ourselves and they’re called Giant Yellow. Sunflowers are great because they grow enormous and have incredible colours and intricate petals. Bees love them and then when the flower is dead their seeds are great for birds. They are great flowers to grow with us kids ‘cos they shoot up so fast and the seeds are big so they are easier to handle


Perfect peas – my favourite veg

Me and my Dad’s tried and tested way of growing peas has worked for us for years. We use toilet rolls as they are biodegradeable, which means you can put them straight into the ground without affecting the eco system. The roots are already established and growing straight, shooting out the bottom. They are now in their new home in the raised beds and looking good



Fragrant flowers

The flowers are looking good in our garden and the insects seem to agree – the bees and butterflies have been in abundance feasting on the nectar

Perfect plants

I’ve bought some new plants – a selection of alpines and succulents (these were from Tissington Nursery) and some pond plants

Wonderful wildlife

With all this growth the wildlife has been going crazy in the garden. This jackdaw was making a right racket recently, we think that the neighbour’s cat may have taken a youngster that had semi-fledged, that ended up in the garden. They were dive bombing the cat, even going after it when the cat was inside and were flying at the window

We saw loads of great tits, which we think were fledglings – they were very active on the bird feeder


Potting on the prickly cacti

Here I am potting on my echinopsis, which I bought at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

My perfect pond

Here’s a quick video where I talk about some new pond plants and oxygenators

Hope you had a great weekend in the garden folks – leave me a comment below and let me know how your garden grows!!!



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2 Responses to It’s grow, grow, grow back in my home garden!!!

  1. Joan mycroft says:

    Brilliant George your garden is coming on great, love your pond, need some plants for mine also a must do thing, will get there .all you info helps.enjoy.


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