RHS judges visit People First Tameside’s Secret Garden

This week I popped down to People First Tameside’s Secret Garden

as they welcomed the RHS judges for It’s Your Neighbourhood Award.

The Secret Garden

My mum works with adults with learning disabilities at People First’s community kitchen. My gardening teacher, Sarah has been helping to plant a garden in their closed alley to supply the kitchen with seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. My mum said it was great to see everyone busy doing an activity that perhaps they have never tried before and that everyone was really proud of their hard work, because it looked so beautiful too.

I’ve been down to water the plants and check it out – it’s a fantastic space and will help the members feel calm and relaxed, whilst also providing a place to sit and eat their harvest.

Before the judges arrived, Sarah and some members were busy dead heading, planting up, tidying and putting up home-made crafts, like bunting.

Some of the home-grown veggies and herbs went into the kitchen and were cooked up into a delicious buffet – yum yum. Part of the award was to show the judges what they’ve done in the garden and how it’s developed over the weeks.

The judges, Dave and Russ asked different questions about things like plant choices, maintenance and plans for the harvest

People First will find out how they have gone on at a lunch in Southport in October – Good Luck Guys !

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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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1 Response to RHS judges visit People First Tameside’s Secret Garden

  1. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Wow George the garden at people first is wonderful, it’s a thoughtful garden, quite place,,everyone love’s it.so glad u do,and hope the RHS Judges love it also.


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