School’s out for summer

This week I have finished primary school for good – boo hoo!

It’s been 7 years of fun and I’ve had a great week of performances, productions and proms!

We celebrated the last gardening club with a buffet on a wheelbarrow – instead of gardening we all ran round the playground playing games, before presenting Sarah, our bestest gardening teacher EVER with a big bouquet of flowers.

I’ve got so much to thank Sarah for, she has taught me so much, worked so hard on the school garden and not forgetting she was the one who entered me into the RHS competition – and look where that’s got me!

I also need to thank my school; they have encouraged and supported me with my gardening, I’ve done well in my SAT’s and I’ve had the best time ever – what a great school.

At home

It’s my third year of buying caterpillars from Insect Lore; it’s great to watch them turn into butterflies. They arrive as tiny caterpillars, with all the food they need and within a few days they have grown really big. They make their way up to the underside of the lid and soon turn into chrysalides, it’s an amazing thing to watch. This morning I checked on them and then an hour later I looked again and one of them had emerged – awesome.

They are Painted Lady butterflies and when we release them, I’ll post another photo.

In the garden we have been harvesting potatoes, courgettes, a few peas and carrots. The acer has really grown and everything is coming on – although we’ve lost a few things to them pesky slugs.

I helped my Dad to paint the new gate to the top garden – it looks great.

Me and my Dad were sat by the pond one night when we heard a noise – check out this cheeky toad, who had hopped on to the lily pad.

And I’m like TOTALLY obsessed with my new Bonsai – I could sit and stare at it for hours

Although I haven’t seen an actual copy of First News my friend sent me a picture of the article I wrote on RHS Hampton Court – check me out!

Here’s to 5 weeks of fun before big school beckons, I’ve got a few things planned with my mates, plenty of gardening and hopefully lots of fun in the sun!

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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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2 Responses to School’s out for summer

  1. Steve says:

    Fabulous write up George, you’re certainly keeping yourself busy! Enjoy your school holidays, you deserve to!


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