Eroica Brittannia Rocks

Gardening was on hold for me this weekend as I went to Eroica Brittannia, a vintage cycling festival.

….and what a ‘Handsome Festival’ it was !!

Well done to all the organisers and volunteers – all your effort was worth it – we LOVED it !!

There was some great things to do on Friday and Saturday and then the bike ride was on Sunday. I didn’t take part in the ride – my Dad did – but on Saturday, we tested out our bikes and went out for a ride along the Monsal Trail to Hassop Station.

Due to the recent rain it was certainly a muddy festival, but that didn’t spoil the fun, in fact it made me feel like dancing ! The mud was funny, I loved walking in it, squelching, slipping, sliding and sinking!

There was a parade of best dressed man, woman, family, dog and bike – all judged by Great British Sewing Bee, Patrick Grant.

Sugar rush…..candy floss, dissolving on your tongue and hot donuts, which I tried to eat without licking my lips !!!

My 2 very favourite things were the Bubbles Inc stall – you’re never too old for bubbles, especially when they are filled with smoke and the size of a small car!

My friend, Hannah joined me on the fantastic vintage fairground – I just loved the octopus, swing and helter-skelter – I was screaming with laughter.

There’s always time for a bit of wildlife and we saw loads of Mayflies – they are really quite beautiful, especially their tails.

My Mum and Dad camped at the festival, but me and my Grandma stayed in luxury at Sheila and William’s Glebe End B&B. It was wonderful to go back to the house, have a brew, sleep in a really comfy bed and enjoy a delicious, massive full breakfast.

Like me, Sheila and William are passionate about nature and they told me all about a barn owl that flies over the fields at the back. There was also Great Crested Newts in their pond, which I went to look at, at night. William kindly gave me this dragonfly, which he had found a few years ago just near his pond.

Well, as I said the festival was about cycling and it was brilliant to see so many kids on their bikes; I hope I can do it one day. My Dad did the 55 mile ride and was up and out before 7am; there were 3 food stops on the way and he returned just before 3pm. It was a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and all weekend I was singing Daddy Cool !!!

Here he is returning to a hero’s welcome !!

Daddy Cool !

Bit of normality now I’ve returned; this week I’m doing a bit of gardening at home and looking after some chickens for a neighbour.

Let’s hope we see some sunshine!


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6 Responses to Eroica Brittannia Rocks

  1. Sarah says:

    Love it x wish I’d seen the. Bubbles in real life x


  2. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Glad u all had a good time ,look’s so much fun. Laughing is very good for your health.


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