Viva España

I’ve just returned from a 2 week holiday in Spain and it was fantástico!!!

It was brilliant to see some really different flowers and trees and the wildlife was increíble!

Here’s a short video I made of 3 very different plants all in one small area. I didn’t know what the Passion flower was at first, so I tweeted to @GardenTags and my mate Alan Gardner, the autistic gardener replied in seconds, he even told me the Latin name, Passiflora Caerulea and he said that we can grow it in Britain. The Jacaranda trees lined the streets and had these amazing seed pods and beautiful purple flowers, the sap was very sticky on the floor below. As for the avocado trees, well, they made my mum’s holiday – she loves cooking with avocado and has never seen them growing before.

It’s just great to see new plants, when we were out walking we saw cactus, some wild herbs – rosemary and lavender and lots of fruit trees – olive, orange and lemon. Here’s a few photos we took:

The wildlife is incredible in Spain and I saw some amazing things. Check out this humongous beetle.

I also saw:

  • Lizards & geckos
  • Birds – hoopoes, monk parakeets, pied wagtails, kestrels or falcons, a serin, black cap warblers and my Dad saw a woodchat strike
  • Fish – lots of fish – snorkelling was like a dream come true
  • and loads of butterflies including a clouded yellow, swallowtail, two tailed pasha and fritillary

I loved the Spanish food and I got to try some different food including squid, mussels, octopus and anchovies

Whilst I was away the clip I did in the Blue Peter Garden was shown; it was frustrating as we couldn’t watch it in Spain. So my fave gardening teacher, Sarah videoed it with her phone and sent it me. It was great and I was really pleased with the clip.

Check out my Blue Peter gardening tips here:


If you didn’t catch the clip on I-Player, follow this link:


It’s been a busy week since I got back – I’ve been back in school, checked out the garden (wow it’s grown – it looks like a jungle), made some jam with my mum, wrote a story for homework, been to Scouts and best of all watched the final Harry Potter film, Deathly Hallows as I finished the book on holiday.

This weekend I’m off to watch my Dad ride in the Eroica Britannia Cycling Festival – I can’t wait!

Good luck #DaddyCool

george and andy


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  1. Joan Lee says:

    Fabulous videos George


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