It’s like a jungle out there!!!

Since returning from my holiday and festival me and my Dad have been catching up on gardening jobs at home

This weather’s crazy, everywhere looks lush, but also like a jungle !

News from the RHS Campaign for School Gardening

It’s been 2 years to the day that I was announced as RHS Young School Gardener of the Year and WOW what a great 2 years it’s been. The new winners will be announced soon and I wish them every success. Here’s some photos of the awards ceremony at RHS Garden Wisley, where I met gardeners, Frances Tophill, Colin Crosby and Jamie Butterworth. We had a great tour of the gardens and glasshouses and a delicious afternoon tea with a question & answer session at the end. It was a fantastic day

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening revealed the results of their rocket seed science experiment; so what did you go for red or blue? Read here to watch Tim Peake reveal the identity of the Rocket Science space seeds!

Indoor plants

Whilst I was away, my Grandma Brenda looked after my indoor plants; she’s really green fingered too, so they were in good hands. They have really shot up and grown. The venus fly trap has burst back to life and is in good shape, as is the pitcher plant. Here I am giving them a good water.

The outdoor garden at home is looking bloomin’ lovely. Here’s the sunflowers potted and staked – lets see how much they grow this summer. The geraniums are looking healthy too – such a beautiful flower. This viburnum was a gift from the RHS when I was announced as Ambassador, such a delicate flower, it’s looking great.

This comfrey feed was started before I went on holiday, it’s been brewing ever since and I can tell you it STINKS! The comfrey flowers are great for bees and the liquid fertiliser is great for the garden; we will use it on our raised beds.

Guest posts

I’ve got 2 guest posts lined up for the next few weeks. My Mum is going to write about the ‘Allotment Cook Off’ she’s doing tomorrow, where she harvests the produce that is ready and cooks it straight away for the volunteers who have been working hard all year on the Operation Farm Community Allotment. Sarah gave us some rhubarb yesterday, so that’s the pudding sorted!!

The 2nd post will be from my Mum’s friend, who lost her Dad recently. She is still feeling really sad, so I suggested she took brave steps to return to his allotment this weekend to see if it helped and I’m glad to say, it really did. She’s going to write a post about this, because I really believe that it could encourage others to garden, to help them feel better too.

Only 6 days left to watch my Blue Peter Clip, catch it on I-player here, check out my gardening tips here and read the reviews of my clip, written by Blue Peter fans, here. This feedback is really important because it means I’m doing my job of inspiring other children to garden.

Is your garden like a jungle at the moment??? Please send any comments about this blog, your garden, wildlife spottings – message me here, on Facebook or Twitter or email me on – I’d really love to hear from you

Have a great week folks.

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9 Responses to It’s like a jungle out there!!!

  1. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Hi George, yes u are right, its been raining so much, my garden is so overgrown, it look lovely very green but I need the sun to come out, my flowers need it, they just won’t flower. I cannot believe its,’s two years George ,its gone so fast.what a wonderful time u have had, and now you can take all that knowledge and help other children to fulfil there dreams.and also encourage them to get out and about. Well done.good luck for the future.


  2. Steve says:

    What a fabulous write up George! Looks like you’re making real progress with your garden. Not sure I’d want to be around that comfrey feed for too long though! My herb garden is definitely looking like a jungle at the moment. Everything is growing so well. We have been enjoying eating the chive flowers on salads, have you tried them? They are really strong but lovely. Keep up the good work George!


    • My mum said the title of the blog will make you laugh. She told me the story! The comfrey was rank you could smell it drifting in the house!! I haven’t tried the chive flowers but we have some so maybe I will


      • Steve says:

        I did notice that George, I bet it made you laugh when your mum told you the story!! Do try those chive flowers they are delicious!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachel Summerscales says:

    That’s not a jungle George of the Jungle… come and see my back garden!! I know I still owe you a guest post by the way…


  4. says:

    hello George your pond looks rearlyy great all your plants look great carnt beleave its been 2 years see u Friday love grandma granddad


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