Helping out at Tree Dressing Day

This is the sort of thing I have done for 6 years with Operation Farm. I’m a member, a young volunteer for them.

Today I have run a stall making stars out of dogwood and loom bands – Sarah my gardening teacher popped down to remind me how they are made.When I was at the park I also had a run around in the woods and a kick about with some friends.

I’m now back at home, looking forward to a bath and hot chocolate, but first I’m chilling out, ready to watch last night’s Dr Who.


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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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4 Responses to Helping out at Tree Dressing Day

  1. Claire says:

    George can you make me one of those stars for the top of my Christmas tree please, love Aunty Claire xxx


  2. bluepony1 says:

    Great to hear what you’re up to, George..
    Er, exactly HOW do you make those glasses ? I got some dogwood in the garden….
    Enjoy Doctor Who and give my love to Sarah XX


    • Hi Rozie I have no idea how to make them glasses so I would just buy them from M and S !!!! I like the two different colours of dogwood, it was hard at first to make the stars but after a bit I got it thanks to sarah.
      Doctor who was great can’t wait for the Christmas episode love from George


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