Jobs to do in the school garden

Me and the gardening gang at school have put most of the allotment to sleep for the winter; we have harvested and weeded most of the beds .

Some of the younger children at school have planted some winter wheat to see if it grows. Another class have planted the garlic to overwinter and finish growing next spring/summer. 

My class are studying “interdependancy and adaptations” in science , so in gardening we will be growing the pea and bean group as this is an ideal crop to look at how peas and beans have adapted to grow up rather than along the ground. Check out the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website – that’s what my gardening teacher uses

Me and the gardening group have planted a small area in next year’s pea/bean beds with broad beans. This is a crop we can plant in autumn to get a head start on the growing season next year, we have also dug a deep trench and filled it with unrotted compost heap material. This is so that by the time the broad bean roots reach the trench the material will have rotted giving our VERY HUNGRY bean crop another advantage. We hope to see that the early planting and extra food shows, when we harvest next year.



I did the gardening during my dinner break today – I find it relaxing. School can be noisy and bonkers and gardening is peaceful and quiet. Massive thanks to my gardening teacher, Sarah Hunter – she’s fab!

Happy gardening this weekend x


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2 Responses to Jobs to do in the school garden

  1. Rosemary says:

    Nice to hear what you’ve been getting up to, George.
    I, too find it nice and peaceful in my garden, especially as I used to be an infant teacher, so know what you’re on about !
    Keep coming with the ideas !

    ( Btw, Sarah Hunter is my niece, in case you wondered )

    I am ‘Aunty Rozie’ from Cornwall
    Proud to be ‘friends’ with you !
    Happy Gardening


    • Hello Aunty Rozie from Cornwall nice to hear from you! If you are related to Sarah are you bonkers too?!?!?!?
      school can be noisy and the classroom stuffy so I like the peace and fresh air when you are gardening
      thanks, George x


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