When there’s no veg left in the garden…

….you have to buy some; so we went to Unicorn Grocery today in Chorlton.

My Dad delivers organic veg there and it’s one of my Mum’s favourite shops.

The smell of all the spices when you walk in is amazing, as is the display of fruit and veg.

I’m really passionate about organic gardening – at home we use no pesticides in our garden. A lot of the food at Unicorn is organic; it’s also a vegan shop. This means they don’t sell any products from an animal, such as milk, cheese or even honey.


I also noticed that all the packaging was biodegradable – this is something else I’m passionate about. I don’t like what we are doing to the environment and often shops use too much plastic.

They have a ‘living roof’ at Unicorn – I just love the idea of that !

Blogs coming soon……winter wildlife and tree houses


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10 Responses to When there’s no veg left in the garden…

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey x did you read the link from the “living roof” then onto “Make room for black redstarts ” love S


    • Hi Sarah,I know isn’t it brilliant. On Sunday we went to the unicorn shop I even thought the shop was great but now I even love the roof! It is really nice for them to put in so much effort for nature anyway see you later PS: NUT CASE


  2. Andrew says:

    Did your dad buy any Prganic Beer ?


  3. Joan Mycroft says:

    hope to go to the unicorn shop in the new year George sounds great hope all you do in 2016 will be everything u wished for


  4. Joan Mycroft says:

    Good luck George in everything u do in 2016 u will be a wonderful ambassador


  5. alicia bury says:

    all that looks amazing. All that food looks amazing. I want to eat it all


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