Jobs to do indoors

Even though the weather’s cold there’s plants you can grow indoors. Today I’ve watered the chilli plant and the Venus fly trap with rainwater – I just leave a watering can outside and it fills naturally, especially with all this rain we’ve had!!!

The chilli plant was started at gardening club and the chillies are red and ready to use. I’ve given my mum a couple and she used them in some tomato salsa.

This weekend I plan to go in the garden and check on the new apple trees, which we planted recently.

Keep on gardening guys


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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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12 Responses to Jobs to do indoors

  1. Claire says:

    Loving reading your blog George 😀 I’ve dried my Chillies & made them into a garland to hang in the Kitchen.


  2. Sarah says:

    Glad the chilli plant is doing well xxx


  3. Meg faulkner says:

    George you a diamond xx can’t wait to start our indoor garden. Xxx Meg n Trev Faulkner


  4. alicia bury says:

    love your blog George. The chilli looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait for more picture’s!!!!!


  5. Andy Belchet says:

    Hi Big G.
    Brilliant blog, some amazing photo’s.
    I will be asking for your help in the summer to sort my garden out.
    Keep up the good work.
    Am I ok to share your blog on Facebook ?


  6. Andy says:

    Great Blog George.
    Like the Gallery, Floyd


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