My bugs, bees and butterflies vlog

It’s taken us a long time to create a wildlife haven, but the hard work is definitely paying off, because the garden is absolutely bursting with bugs, bees & butterflies.

It’s fair to say, we are pretty chuffed with the garden at the moment to be honest and it’s a total joy to sit back, chill out and watch everything buzz about around you.

Here’s my wildlife vlog of some of the bugs, bees & butterflies making an appearance in my garden this weekend.

What wildlife has visited your garden this weekend?

Drop me a line below I’d love to hear off you.

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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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9 Responses to My bugs, bees and butterflies vlog

  1. Mags Williams says:

    Great vlog George so many different butterflies I need to get a buddlia for my garden. Nice t-shirt too.


    • Hi Mags, it’s been a fab year for butterflies in our garden, we are so chuffed. Buddleia’s are just amazing for all the pollinators. My Dad took a cutting from the white one and it’s took – free plants!!
      The t-shirt is from the RSPB – I like it too!


  2. Joan says:

    Wow what a garden you have George, well done you and your dad have worked hard. I am trying very hard at bug/bird/butterfly gardening, it’s slow but getting there. We have had lots of moths , butterflies , earwigs,bees/wasp/and lots of bug I don’t know the name for, but love seeing them, I have tried to make a bug garden with a hotel, and lots of old grass and bamboo sticks , is there anything else I can do to help the bug garden ? We are going to make a pond in the Bog garden but not quite ready for that yet.good luck in all you do.


    • Hi Joan, I think you’ve done a great job to create your bug garden – they’ll all be moving in to their 5 * home soon !!!
      I’ll help you with the pond when you’re ready, I loved doing ours
      good luck George


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