Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

We’ve got some heady smells in the garden at the moment; there’s the sweet smell of jasmine through the day, whilst the night-scented honeysuckle is looking the best it’s ever been.

Some aromatic Greek basil grown from seed, sits patiently in the greenhouse, waiting for the tomatoes to grow. It is truly a sensory overload.

#ICanGrow the food on my plate

The way things are growing in the garden, we are set for a bumper harvest. The first of the peas are on their way, the blackcurrants are starting to turn and the raspberries are ripening. I’ve pinched the excess stems on the tomato plants, repotted the tarragon and kept on top of the watering in this baking hot weather. Our neighbours gave us some apple mint, which we made into a cordial with lime and enjoyed it over crushed ice, topped up with fizzy apple juice #Yum

Crackin’ coriander

I’ve posted several times about growing coriander from seed and by heck it divides opinion, with those who think it tastes of soap and those that can’t get enough of it! In this 1 min video I talk about how we’ve used (6 pots) ours in various dishes

Fragrant flowers

The garden is alive with the sound of insects and the bees are buzzin’ for all the nectar rich flowers

Having a poke in the pond

This weather makes the algae in the pond grow a lot more; so we often have to carefully scoop it out and put it in a crate besides the pond, so any creatures can crawl back in

RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2018

This week the RHS Campaign for School Gardening announced their winners of the 2018 competition. Congratulations to Ellie Micklewright who won Young School Gardener, to St Gregory’s Catholic Science College in Harrow for gardening team (which was on Breakfast Telly this week, by the way, with my mate Alana!!) and to Matt Willer for gardening champion. Here’s Matt’s video – he’s very inspiring and you could tell his passion for gardening and I wish I had a teacher like him at the school I’m in at the moment!

Fun with Bud

This weekend we went to Bakewell and enjoyed a wonderful day by the river. Buddy is doing great and we both had the best time cooling off in the water.

Later, at home we had a BBQ and The Isley Brothers came on the radio singing this cool song about the summer breeze and jasmine and I thought that sums up this weekend perfectly.

Hope you have had a great one too!

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6 Responses to Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi George. Left you a message last night but it seems to have vanished. Just saying how lovely and Summery your blog was. It left me feeling really upbeat. Enjoyed it all, as usual. xxx


  2. Joan mycroft says:

    Great blog George, Matt is a very inspirational man, well done him , we need more people like that. Also it’s good to know all about our herbs and how they can have a impact on our Wild life.


  3. lovely summery chat , really nice to read , wonderful to hear what your up to in the garden x


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