I’m mad for Mayfield, with delish grub from GRUB!

WOW what amazing weather we’ve had; the garden seems to have come alive!

I’ve had a busy week with lots of gardening at home and a ‘filming’ job at Mayfield, Manchester

Mayfield visit

Mayfield is this big regeneration project in Manchester; I visited the site back in March and had a look at their plans. Whilst I was there I filmed this short video blog:

Jo, who works for Mayfield got in touch and asked if I would pop down to the GRUB opening party in the Mayfield Courtyard, to look at the growing space, planted by the Green Health Alliance

GRUB is like this independent streetfood event, held at weekends, either indoors at Fairfield Social Club or outside in the courtyard. There were 5 food stalls, a bar and a funky DJ; my Mum and Dad were raving about their meal from Ottö-men and I was crazy for my chicken from ParmStar washed down with hibiscus lemonade – get me!

Now let me tell you about the growing space:

Grow Your Own – They are growing lots of edibles, like kale, beetroot, lettuce, herbs and even a portable orchard, with the idea that locals can come down to the community growing space and harvest their own food

For Wellbeing – they are creating a space for people to sit and relax – we all know that being outdoors is good for your mind, right?

For Wildlife – there’s lots of pollinator-friendly plants, which in turn attracts insects. The insects provide ‘grub’ for the birds, like I saw a grey wagtail flying around the nearby river and don’t forget just a stones through away, there’s the resident Manc peregrines!

For Climate Change – they’ve reused and recycled containers for growing plants, for example they have used old walking boots, shoes, a chest of drawers and even an old gas canister.

There was a first for me, as I interviewed the guy who runs GRUB, Bailey. I asked him questions about the improved site and why he thought it was important for residents to have a green space. Well, you will have to wait for his answers as they will be part of the video, which I shall post when it’s been edited by Jo

Thanks to Jo and her lovely ‘forget me not’ story, I’m looking forward to watching the video; I’ll share it when it has been edited

Good luck to everyone working hard at Mayfield and GRUB and as I grow up, I shall enjoy watching it develop over the years.

If you’re visiting Manchester at weekend then why not pop in to GRUB for some delicious grub, we all REALLY enjoyed it!

My next blog will be all about my gardening shenanigans – enjoy the sunshine guys !

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3 Responses to I’m mad for Mayfield, with delish grub from GRUB!

  1. Joan mycroft says:

    Wow George this sounds a fabulous place I need to get down there and see for myself, how spontaneous they all are settling it all up and cooking on spot, amazing just what we needed in Manchester and hope it all goes well for all the hard work they have put into this. Will be going to see for myself soon. Well done for helping them George.


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