Have a nosey at my first ever vlog

There’s not much going on in the garden at the moment, so I’ve had a go at creating my first vlog, with my co-star, Buddy

I’ve never done one before, hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a link to the RHS Young School Gardener of the Year Competition

I’ll be heading over to Hulme Community Garden Centre next Saturday 27 January to help out at their Big Garden Birdwatch event

Have a good week guys!

About greenfingeredgeorge

RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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4 Responses to Have a nosey at my first ever vlog

  1. Joan mycroft says:

    Wow well done George what a vlog you have been amazing this year, you’re into everything’s green, keep passing your news on to us all , we are always interested in what you have to say about climate change and wild gardens. I want to change my Garden this year and hopefully make it more green.


    • thank you Joan, I’m into quite a bit at the mo. I will hopefully continue to talk passionately about the things that are important to me. Keep in touch about how you make your garden more green!


  2. Love the vlog am all inspired to give that a go sometime xx loved seeing the stuff from the past its kind of lovely/weird seeing young George …


    • it was very funny seeing myself – oh the memories of filming at school!
      hope you’re alright in Scotland, hope your blogs doing good and hopefully I will see you soon!
      you could vlog with the pigs – noisy nora would make a good co-star!


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