A Greener Garden by me, Green Fingered George

I was well chuffed to have been asked to write an article for the New Nature Magazine about some tips and advice for a greener garden.

The article was inspired by the lecture I went to, given by the RHS science team about climate change, back in November 2017

New Nature Magazine was launched a year ago and….

…is the only natural history magazine written, edited and produced entirely by young people: by young ecologists, conservationists, communicators, nature writers and wildlife photographers each boasting an undying passion for the natural world. It is intended, foremost, as a celebration of nature, but also of the young people giving their time, freely, to protect it. The magazine is released online each month and can be downloaded free of charge

My article is on page 10 – I’m really proud of it, let me know what you think too!

Magazines like New Nature are great for young people like me; they are easy to read, informative, yet down to earth and I just like reading them, ‘cos you can have a quick scan of them and pick up bits of really useful info, with good pictures that young people have taken. I find it really inspiring and encouraging

Give New Nature a follow guys; on Twitter, Instagram and visit their website; They are always  on the lookout for young writers, photographers and artists. Please get in touch with them if you are interested in writing an article too.

If you have any tips or advice on making your garden greener, please let me know by writing a comment below, as I want to continue to write more about this in the future

I’ve had a great weekend filled with birthdays (Dad’s), birds (hen harrier, marsh harrier and waders) beaches (on the Wirral) and Buddy (my dog)

hope you’ve had a good ‘un too!

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RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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4 Responses to A Greener Garden by me, Green Fingered George

  1. Barbara Shockledge says:

    What a fab magazine, spreading the word via the generation which will be even more affected by climate change, and of course, your article is top notch covering all advice on how we can all help to “do our bit.” Well done again George xxx


    • Hello Grandma, it needs to be targeted a young people, because like you said they will be the ones that will be most affected by climate change and need to know what to do in order to help
      thanks and see you soon George


  2. Joan Mycroft says:

    Wow George it’s a fantastic time in your life, what a difference you make to all young people, if everyone did a little too make their own Gardens more green what a wonderful world for all this would be. I am going to try and make changes to my garden this year and hope everyone does the same. Good Luck George. And well done.


    • Hi Joan, thank you for writing that. What a wonderful world it would be if it was green. Hopefully I have made a difference to lots of peoples’ lives, it would be a very nice thing. Let me know what you do in your garden to make a difference from George


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