First taste of snow!

Given that he’s only 8 months old and from Cyprus, it was Buddy’s first taste of snow this weekend

and he went absolutely mad for it!!

Snow Fun

Up in Manchester the best bit of snow fell on Saturday morning; me & Buddy were straight out. It was so great to see him playing, jumping around and enjoying a new experience. He seemed to really like the taste of the snow and ice – speaking of which he found a big piece of ice and brought it inside, placing it just behind my mum as she stood in the kitchen – what a prankster!

Scout hike

On Sunday I went on an 8 mile scout hike over the hills and moorland in our area. That’s why this is a short blog, ‘cos as soon as I got in, it was PJ’s on, hot chocolate, whilst I thawed in front of the fire!

The hike was part of my 2nd class award and included ‘exploration’ skills, such as how to use a compass and how to set up a map. The walk was pretty much unsupervised by adults, although there was spotters along the way; it was very tough and exhausting in the blustery conditions, but fun all the same and I saw 3 hares, that’s always a bonus!

Thanks to my scout leader, Buzz for some of the photos

Christmas Decorations

We decorated the Christmas tree yesterday and it really got me in the festive groove; I love Christmas, it’s just brilliant and totally awesome. At school though, we were reminded that Christmas isn’t great for everyone. Some people find it stressful, others get really sad and some just haven’t got enough money to enjoy themselves. That’s why we are taking part in the Key 103’s Cash for Kids, which helps disabled and disadvantaged kids in the area

Have you had any snow this weekend and have you had some festive fun??


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5 Responses to First taste of snow!

  1. Meg says:

    Sounds like a fun day! Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions?


    • Hi Meg, it was an awesome day! Each year At Christmas we fill in a book about the highlights of the year and what we’ve been up to. My Mum always says to me and my dad, let’s fill the book in and we are always grumpy! But then when we read it back we love it. After that it is more of a traditional Christmas day.
      Merry Christmas,
      G F George.

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  2. Joan mycroft says:

    Hi George it looks like you have had a brilliant time over the last few days, it’s great to let your hair and roll in the snow, but like you said we can all take a minute to understand that o lot of Children have nothing much at all, and this is the time we can all help even in a small way. So well done for taking that on board, Buddy is one Dog you have helped, and he is a lovely fun loving dog now. Enjoy your Christmas George we are so proud that you yourself have influenced a lot of Children to enjoy National things in the world well don and Happy a Christmas.


    • Hello Joan, it was fab watching and being with Buddy, as we had a great time in the snow. Unfortunately some kids either don’t have the opportunity, or wanting, to play and have a nice time outside. Buddy is great fun in many ways! And is certainly a bit more than slightly naughty! Thank you for your lovely comment and merry Christmas!
      G F George


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