Thanks Green Gardening Fans

Just a quick post to thank everyone for reading, liking, sharing and commenting on my last post about climate change

the response has been mega and hopefully I’ve replied to each and every one of your fantastic comments – cheers guys!

My Blog

I had some great comments posted on my blog, this is from my friend and Operation Farm volunteer, Joan…..

Wow George you are a inspiration to all, what you have taken from this day and hopefully pass on to your school and all others is fantastic, we all need to take on board what is happening to our world and all start to care for it from little changes to big changes like climate change we can all get involved in this, well done


Social media is great for getting the word out and connecting people, on my Facebook page, Fred said….

George, this is a great blog on a very important topic. I notice that since I came to the UK in 1986 it has been getting milder. The first winter I came to the UK we had a blizzard and very little or no snow since, in Essex where I live. The only good thing for me is the cost of heating has been a lot less. I had little or no fruit on my trees this year. We must all do our bit.

Whilst Donna, who runs a gardening project in Leeds asked if I would visit one of her school gardening projects  – I’d love to if our school holidays are at different times. But it did give me an idea about doing some more videos that show how to be greener in the garden – maybe that’s a project for 2018!


I had a fantastic response via Twitter. Alistair Griffiths, the RHS Director of Science shared my blog and also left some great tips on how I could develop my idea of starting an environment group at school.

Now here’s where twitter is great – I’ve hooked up with loads of ‘kids who care’ about nature, wildlife and gardening. One of my social media friends and young naturalist, Dara wrote

That’s fantastic George! If anyone can do it, you can! It’s hard work and plenty of banging your head against a brick wall – choose your favourite teacher and get grown ups in school to support you first. Good luck! 

whilst Juliet, a grown up who loves badgers, wrote

I’m really pleased other pupils are showing an interest too and getting together. I wish you all had more time away from the curriculum and homework to pursue this more and get outdoors away from sitting in classrooms all day! I know you’ll find time though! 

as always, thanks to my favourite team, the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, for always supporting me too…

Our Young Ambassador, @GreenFGeorge attended a lecture on
climate change
@The_RHS last week. He’s come back armed with important messages about our planet, that he wants to share with all young people. Take a look at his latest blog!



Facebook gave me a free boost, which linked to my Instagram feed – I had a great response – check out my stats #booming!!




At school

I was asked to present my blog to some pupils at my school and it went really well; my head of year suggested setting up an environmental group. I’ve since had some ideas on what it could be about:

  1. Environmental issues – climate change, loss of habitats, deforestation, how to lead a greener life
  2. The link between gardening and nature – what you can do in your garden and local area to help nature
  3. Wildlife – the threats they face and what can be done to help them
  4. How the natural world links to lessons

I need to think of some ideas to spread the word about the group, maybe by using a noticeboard of info to share ideas, displaying the activities we plan to do. I shall keep you posted on that one. Do leave me a comment if you have any good ideas too

This week I’ve been blogging for 2 years and it has been brilliant. It’s led to some great experiences, where I’ve met some wonderful people and I’ve learnt so much more about my passions, gardening and nature.

Thanks for supporting me and I wonder what I’ll get up to in this next blogging year……

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