Wow I’m on Gardeners’ World as I film at #RHSChatsworth with presenter, Adam Frost

For me and my family the King of Gardening TV programmes is Gardeners’ World and I was absolutely well chuffed to be asked to appear with the super cool gardening presenter and fellow RHS Ambassador, Adam Frost at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Adam Frost is a top bloke, whilst he knows loads about horticulture, he’s also well funny and I had a really great time filming with him.

The Build @ RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

I’d been asked to film ‘The Build’ at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, but unfortunately I couldn’t go on site because of strict Health & Safety rules, which is fair enough. So, Adam and I stood in the gardens at Chatsworth House overlooking the showground and had a great view of the whole site

We just cracked on with the questions about why I love Chatsworth so much, what I thought about the site, was I excited about the first Chatsworth Flower Show and in between takes I asked Adam loads of questions, especially about his garden and the wildlife he gets.

The show was due to open in 4 days and it certainly was a ‘hive’ of activity; I could see a giant bee, newly constructed bridges over the River Derwent, loads of floral marquees and the much anticipated, inflatable, Great Conservatory – it all looked incredible.

I’d heard from Steve Porter, Head Gardener at Chatsworth House and he’d told me they were,

“planting 6000 plants to creat a tropical effect and help tell the story of Paxton, the Great Conservatory and the Cavendish Banana”

As always, I never miss an opportunity to check out the wildlife and it was the insects that had my attention this time; the bees were crazy for the flowers in the Chatsworth gardens; you could see the pollen collecting on the bees’ legs. There was a wonderful wildlife spectacle with mayflies all over the place, in different stages of development too!

It was a really great experience and a privilege to be asked to go on a top show at one of my favourite places in all the world.

Thanks to the filming crew they were well chilled and made me feel relaxed; many thanks to Adam too, he’s brill.

I do hope I made the ‘final cut’ and if so I will post the iPlayer link on here soon; back to RHS Chatsworth Flower Show tomorrow and I’ve got some money burning in my pocket for some new plants!!!

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First ever RHS Young Ambassador A Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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10 Responses to Wow I’m on Gardeners’ World as I film at #RHSChatsworth with presenter, Adam Frost

  1. Floyd says:

    Looks amazing.
    He way your going, you will be the head gardener there , when you leave school.


  2. claire hassall says:

    Gardens world brilliant George well done you xxx


  3. Terry Henson says:

    You were a star! Hopefully you will have an opportunity to present on Gardeners’ World in the future. You are a natural and will inspire many young people.


    • Hey thanks Terry and cheers for visiting my blog too. It was a great experience to film at Chatsworth – I love the place. Was there at the show yesterday and it was fantastic. I bought 4 plants, could have bought more!
      Hope the clip inspires some kids to give gardening a go
      thanks for getting in touch George


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