Quick updates from The Blue Peter Garden and My Home Garden

I returned from my holiday today and whilst I was there I was on Blue Peter – I couldn’t wait to watch it when I got home!

Next on my list was to check my garden at home and it has gone bonkers; so here’s a quick update on both.

Just before I went on holiday I recorded a video for the Blue Peter Website updating on the veg growing in the Veg Patch, click here to watch it. I think it’s great to have website updates too as more and more kids are watching short internet clips for advice.

I had previously helped to plant some of the veg in the patch, so it was great to see how well it is doing. Again it was great to work with the crew, they are always really nice people. I also checked out the crab apple tree that I had planted – it’s looking good guys.

…..and if you didn’t catch my clip on TV – when I planted a crab apple tree – you can watch it on iPlayer here. There are 2 short clips at 1 min 30 secs and then 20 mins and 40 secs

I just loved working in the Blue Peter garden and I hope the clips inspire other children to give gardening a go.

My Home Garden

Whilst we were away I’ve heard there was dry weather, a bit of sun and a fair amount of rain, all of which has helped my garden grow!

The courgettes have done their usual trick – turned into massive marrows!! I picked and popped the peas straight into my mouth. The blackcurrants are ready to harvest – hopefully enough for a few jars of jam. The first harvest from our apple tree might be ready soon, the lavender smells divine and the sunflower is so tall I had to climb on the gate to see the head.

I’ll be blogging about my holiday adventures in the New Forest and Dorset soon; watch this space.

Hope you have had a good summer in your garden




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