Catching up in the garden

Holidays, festivals and flower shows are great, but this week it was time to chill and catch up in the garden

Check out this beauty – Crocosmia Lucifer

In the veg beds only 1 of 3 courgette plants has survived – slugs and snails have seen the other 2 off, but this one is thriving. There’s flowers and good sized courgettes ready to harvest.  Chard, squash, leeks have gone in. Some areas of the garden were over crowded, the rosemary for example was taking over the orange thyme, so my Dad moved it to get more sun. He’s done plenty of re-jigging, tidying and planting things out.

We’ve just harvested the first of the courgettes – my Mum’s got 1000 courgette recipes up her sleeve!

The water lily I bought at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show has gone in and the pond’s looking really healthy. I love the pond, it makes me feel calm.

The strawberries are coming on and there’s nothing better than picking and eating them straight from the plant – delicious!

This is the first season for our apple cordon and it’s coming on a treat. I’ve put fallen apples on the bird table to see if the birds like them – but I’m not sure because they’re really hard.

In May I entered a junior RSPB competition about a favourite day out in nature. As the word count was only 100 words, I chose to write a poem about the day I spent at the Welsh Wildlife Reserve at Easter. I was well chuffed to be one of the winners. Here’s my poem

Beautiful buzzards soaring overhead, wonderful warblers hopping from branch to branch, a cheeky little robin feeding on a window sill, a ninja heron stalking its… prey, a dashing peacock butterfly, flapping its wings, a laid- back lizard, soaking up the sun, sunshine yellow celandine blowing in the wind, bird feed central, a hotspot for our feathery friends, a wiggly worm pops up as if to say ‘hello’, Oh it’s a jolly habitat for …wildlife! You should pay it a visit to see just what I mean!

We’ve had a few pleasant evenings recently and it’s always great to have a BBQ. I love creating fires (safely with supervision!!) so I did a small one to toast marshmallows and make s’mores

It was great to read a little write up I did about the RHS Campaign for School Gardening’s rocket science experiment in the Grass Roots Magazine

Next Saturday I’m looking forward to going to RHS Tatton Park Flower Show with my Dad. I went last year and loved the walk in past the deer park, all the different show gardens, school allotments and there was a pond with a camera in the water.

It’s fab and I can’t wait!




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6 Responses to Catching up in the garden

  1. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Looks a great BBQ George, glad you managed to get into you’re garden this week, its been so bad, with the rain, for the last few garden is waterlogged I am afraid, I have losses, also..plants which are root wet.I need to take them out, I don’t think I can save them, need to start again next year. But also some flowers are blooming really well . Like yourself, I cannot wait to get out and about in my garden too. I bet you are looking forward to Tatton park show, I loved it last year. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and Report back to us, all the News. Good luck George.


    • Hi Joan glad to hear all about your garden. Yes can’t wait for tatton will be strange to not have a team there this year. Let’s hope we have a spell of dry weather now. The garden needs it. See you soon George


  2. Joan Lee says:

    it all looks so fabulous, obviously worked hard on it and the weather improving, though I love the rain I hope it will give us a break lol xx


  3. Andy says:

    Hi G sounds like your really busy. Tatton sounds good. Think your dad will take me ?
    Keep up the good work.


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