Guest post from ‘Jolly Joan’

I’m busy doing my SAT’s at the moment, so I’ve asked people I know to do a guest post on my blog. My friend, Joan is a volunteer at Operation Farm and People First Tameside.

Joan likes the celebrity chef, James Martin, drinking wine and eating pork pies !!

She also loves gardening.

I am looking forward to this year’s gardening; I really love this season, Spring, with its daffodils and bluebells. Most plants are just about popping up. I have decided I am going to grow lots of herbs this year, I just love the smell they give off.

Last year we bought a Bottlebrush plant and I don’t know a lot about it, so I’m hoping your gardening friends can tell me something about it!!!

Here’s some photos of my front garden.


I have just done the front garden, ready to put in some new plants, but I’m not sure what I want in there yet. But, I have had two beautiful Golden Roses, which were for our Golden Wedding Anniversary, they are budding already, so I need to sort them out. I also have some Rosemary to put in. I’ve still got a lot of cutting down to do in our back garden, I wanted to move some plants and replant others, I just need the weather to be on my side!

I’m so proud of what you have achieved George – I think you’re a great role model to get kids gardening. I’m a great believer in gardening being good for your mental health; a few minutes outside makes you feel fantastic

Keep up the good work George !!


If you would like to write a guest post for my blog, please get in touch – it would be really nice to hear about your garden and why you think kids getting involved in gardening is important.

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3 Responses to Guest post from ‘Jolly Joan’

  1. Shirley bennety says:

    Hi George, I love your blog & Facebook page! I used to work with your mum so that’s how I found out about you!
    I am writing to you about my grandaughter Mia, she is 7 years old and loves gardening and growing fruit and vegetables. She’s has grown some fantastic vegetables and this year she’s growling broccoli, strawberries and tomatoes. We have some great photos if you would like to see them or perhaps she could write a small passage about them?
    Look forward to hearing from you xxx


    • Hi Shirley nice to hear from you and it’s great that Mia is in to gardening too. It would be fantastic if Mia writes a post for my blog – that’s the whole point of the blog really – to attract and inspire other kids.
      She could write about why she loves gardening, what she loves to grow, what gardening tool she likes best, what’s her favourite job in the garden etc..
      Yes send some photos too.
      Send to my email address
      Brilliant from George


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