Day Trips & Gardening at Grandma(s)!!

I’ve had a great 2nd week of my school holiday, staying with Grandparents, enjoying loads of gardening, day trips and a bit of chilling out too.


Here I am at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, it was just brilliant.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr

I had a fab trip over to Harlow Carr with my mum, Sarah (Gardening Teacher) and her daughter, Lauren. I loved the bird hide, planting near the stream and the kitchen garden. Here’s a gallery of photos:

Grandma Brenda and Grandad Bernard 

My Grandma Brenda and Grandad Bernard have a great garden and I’m sure Grandma Brenda has green fingers too, as she can grow anything ! I helped her  plant the following seeds – peas, dwarf beans, tomatoes, basil, parsley and cosmos flowers. I also enjoyed another go in Grandad’s workshop and used his tools and machines. I did lots of crafts with Grandma and used 3 million rolls of sellotape to make a dragon!

Helping Grandma Barbara

After watching Monty Don prune his hydrangea on Gardener’s World, my Grandma wanted to sort hers out, which is at the front of her house. She’s done a lot of work in her garden recently so we went to buy a few plants and compost from the garden centre.

Bird feeders & bird houses

Me and my Dad did a bit of DIY on Friday as we fitted this old teapot to the wall to create a birdhouse. I got this fantastic TARDIS bird feeder for Christmas from my friend Alana and we set it up in the back yard and sure enough a blue tit visited within an hour – I love it !

Gardening at home

It’s toilet roll time as we plant out the peas ready for sowing straight into the garden, when they have started to grow a bit. My mum chose these herbs (mint and sage) from RHS Garden Harlow Carr and we’re going to plant them up in this old colander.

Rocket Science

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening Rocket Science project has really took off this week, when it appeared on just about everything I tuned into on telly on Thursday !! If you missed the clip on Blue Peter you can catch up with it on iPlayer. Well done to the RHS team (especially Alana); my school gardening gang can’t wait to receive & plant ours next week.

Ocean Lab, Sea Trust

I wrote last week about my visit to the Ocean Lab, Sea Trust in Wales and how I like what they do to protect nature. Since then, I have been in touch by email and they sent me these photos of a porpoise – I’ve never seen one before, it would be great to see them jumping out of the water. The 2nd photo is of the (possible) meteorite rock, which they are having tested – I can’t begin to tell you how heavy it was.

Nice to hear from you guys and good luck with everything


Through the Sea Trust I have met Elfyn, he’s a marine mammal surveyor and a wildlife guide with the UK based marine charity ORCA (Organisation Cetacea) and he lives in Machynlleth near the Dyfi Osprey Project. He recommended a visit to Skomer Island which he described as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of Welsh wildlife hot-spots – I’d sure like to go there! He told me about the work they do with ‘Brittany Ferries’ in running special ‘whale & dolphin mini-cruises’ across the Bay of Biscay during the summer months. Well that’s another one for my list !!

Buster goes to Bakewell

Occasionally we look after this gorgeous pooch for our friends Ruby & Jo. He’s a miniature Maltese and he’s lovely. We took him to Bakewell and he was like a celebrity, everyone kept stopping us to stroke him.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

I go back to school tomorrow – NOOOOOOO – and in 3 weeks time I sit my SATs (an even bigger NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!), so I’m taking a break from blogging until they are over. If you would like to post anything about your garden on my blog, please get in touch. It could be anything about what you are planting at the moment or why you think getting kids involved in gardening is important. Send photos too; I would really appreciate it !

Cheers and I’ll see you in a few weeks, George



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6 Responses to Day Trips & Gardening at Grandma(s)!!

  1. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Well done George it looks like u had a great holiday. So glad u did…I have been gardening this week end. I have just done the front garden. So ready to put in some new plants . not sure what i want yet. But I have had two beautiful golden rose’s I got them for our golden wedding. They are budding already. So need to sort them out also I have some Rosemary to put in.still got a lot of cutting down in our back garden yet but just need time. I wanted to movie some plants and replant others.just need the weather to be on my side.I will let u know what I do.


    • Thanks for that Joan I’m going to use your gardening words in my blog next week and my mum said you had sent photos of your front garden. Have a lovely holiday and I will see you soon x


  2. What a fantastic blog George! We obviously love the Harlow Carr pics. You’ll be very welcome at any of our NGS gardens!


    • Thanks and nice to hear from you. I really liked Harlow Carr. I’ve been to Wisley and I thought Harlow Carr was less formal – they let you walk on the grass !!!
      It was great because my Mum let me walk round on my own, which felt great. The kitchen garden was particularly good – especially the chickens!
      Thanks for the invite to the NGS gardens, it’s really nice of you. I’m doing my SAT’s at the moment, they are really stressful, a walk round a garden is what I need !!


  3. Floyd says:

    Good luck with SATs George.
    Whatever they are 😏
    Look forward to your blogs


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