Guest Post from my gardening teacher, Sarah Hunter

My job as an RHS Ambassador is to inspire children to go outdoors and have fun gardening, so I’ve asked family, friends and people I’ve met through the RHS if they would like to write a Guest Post on my blog.


Introducing my gardening teacher, Sarah Hunter; she likes mojitos, smelly cheese and cake…..lots of cake, she’s also slightly potty!Hello Green Fingered George followers, I am very pleased to be asked (by my fav gardener, George) to guest on his blog. I don’t need much encouragement to blab about gardening I could dig and chat on the subject forever !

It’s a great time of year to be gardening, there are tons of jobs to do outside, I love the seed sowing, the ground preparation, the compost heap emptying, the plant lifting and dividing, tree and bulb planting –  its fabulous !
Our school  allotment is starting to take shape again; the winter wheat we sowed last autumn is looking healthy and happy. It’s part of our ‘grow your own loaf’ project with year 3.

The broad beans leaves are just poking out of the ground in our experiment area; we planted some seeds over a compost trench in the autumn and will plant the rest of the bed without the added nutrients a bit later to see how well they do compared with the first sowings. I’ve spent the last few days with year 5 and 6 sowing seeds for planting after Easter but mainly talking about crop rotation how we do it and why; click here for advice from the RHS about crop rotation!

School is a great place to teach gardening; it ties in with so much of the curriculum and class topics. I work quite closely to the science curriculum and am especially looking forward to the space topic with year 5 this next few weeks, as we sow our rocket seeds that have been up to space ! (sorry George I know you wanted to do this I will speak to Mr L and see if I can get you involved in the gardening slots.)

George’s class have been learning about World War 2, so we are creating our own Dig For Victory beds , we will be cramming as much as possible in, to illustrate that every piece of ground was needed to grow all the fruit and veg we needed back then during rationing.

Next week will be fun , I’m working with the youngest children in school sowing the tomato seeds we harvested in the Autumn (that was a fun messy job). We will be growing tomatoes of all different colours and sizes and learning about  the different plant parts and what each part does.
I have the best job in the world, gardening rocks !

Don’t take my word for it, get out there and get digging !





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6 Responses to Guest Post from my gardening teacher, Sarah Hunter

  1. Great post from Sarah, nice to hear a teacher’s view on school gardening (even tho she’s slightly potty, she still makes a lot of sense!)
    Lots to thank Sarah for – we need to make her lots of cake and buy her lots of cheese !!


  2. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Guest post. Love gardening like and laughing.o and holidays


  3. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Guest post George. I love lots of things gardening flowers wine laughing seeing friends and zumba


  4. bluepony1 says:

    Hi, George,
    I garden in Cornwall and am Potty Sarah’s even Pottier Aunty !
    I love reading about what you have been up to.

    Our garden is a bit weedy and messy ‘coz we have loads of animals
    The chickens like to dust bath,
    the cats to scratch up seedbeds
    and the dogs bounce about getting in the way
    but we love ’em all, especially the ponies which do LOADS of Lovely Poo !!

    Happy Gardening,
    you ‘Honorary’ Aunty Rosie
    (hope you don’t mind George calling me that, Sarah )


    • Hi Honorary Aunty Rosie, nice to hear from you. I’m jealous of all your animals and that they can all be in your garden – I would love that. Potty Sarah came round with Lauren yesterday as it snowed so much that school was shut – yes !!!
      We built a snowman and had a snowball fight and Sarah pinned me down in the snow – she’s very strong !
      thanks for reading my blog George


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