Schools out for Christmas !!!!

I was so happy to finish school today. Christmas is a time to relax and to hang out with your family. If you are bored, get out into the garden and do a few jobs, like clearing leaves or cleaning your tools and plant pots.

Don’t forget wildlife this Christmas – if your pond freezes over, make sure you break the ice. Where possible feed garden birds – follow the RSPB advice about what to feed them

I can’t wait for 2016 – I’ve got some really exciting things coming up

Happy Christmas and Happy Gardening!!

About greenfingeredgeorge

RHS Young Ambassador Gardening Geek and Nature Nerd!
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2 Responses to Schools out for Christmas !!!!

  1. Andy says:

    Have a good Christmas George, what an amazing year it has been for you. Hope 2016 is as good.


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