I’m preppin’ like a boss for the #BigGardenBirdwatch

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s largest wildlife survey and it only takes an hour to do your bit for nature.

In this week’s blog I highlight a few of the things you can do to prepare for the BGBW, whilst also writing about 2 recent visit to RSPB reserves.

Getting ready for the BGBW

Winter is a great time to clean your bird feeder, as it prevents a build up of bacteria or fungal spores; simply put on some gloves, use a brush and warm soapy water. Once clean & dry, fill them regularly, with seed and/or nuts.

Even though personally at the moment, I wouldn’t want to go swimming in the pond, birds do. So it’s a good idea to break the ice on cold, frosty mornings, using a stick.

Here’s some more tips on feeding and attracting more birds in to your garden, featuring yours truly !

Nest box cleaning

Another job we did recently, was to clean the wine box bird box, where sparrows had nested last spring. This was to make sure ‘nothing untoward was lurking in there, such as parasites and insects that will lie in wait for an unsuspecting brood of chicks, reducing their chance of survival’

Trialling my new scope at Parkgate

Parkgate is a little gem on the west coast of Britain, where I saw some incredible views of gliding and dancing marsh harriers, with their yellow legs dangling before them. I could see this incredible detail through my new telescope, which is absolutely outstanding.

The telescope has an incredibly sharp image and you can really appreciate the beauty of birds. They can also really make you think about the beautiful inhabitants of this planet that we live on.

First trip to RSPB Leighton Moss leaves me spellbound

We had an incredible first visit to RSPB Leighton Moss and it did not disappoint. We saw countless marsh harriers, including a male which I haven’t seen before. We had great views of a water rail, sparrowhawk, little & GW egret and marsh tits.

Then on a quiet, cloudy evening as the sun sets, the sky turns black. A cloud of starlings swirl and spin in the sky as one. As more starlings join the mass, almost immediately I am in awe as 60,000 birds move like smoke in the sky. And as they finally fall to the ground, one word echoes round my head, ‘mesmerising’.

Here’s that moment…….

It’s really easy to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, whether its at home or at an organised event (I’m doing both). Just get yourself a brew, sit back, relax and start counting!

If you haven’t registered, it’s not too late; click here

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2 Responses to I’m preppin’ like a boss for the #BigGardenBirdwatch

  1. Joan Mycroft says:

    Fantastic back to Nature George, yes it’s very interesting and important to check out our birds, I hope to look at ours in the garden this year with a couple of children, we needs these beautiful birds, and we need special people like you to remind us of how important it is. We are lucky here for the starlings come over our house every night same times, so beautiful how they organised themselves, lovely to watch. Great work you are doing, well done.


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