How will you #BigGardenBirdWatch ??

A few weeks ago, the RSPB asked me to help them with their Big Garden Bird Watch advertising campaign – what an amazing opportunity – I didn’t have to think twice!

The TV advert was released on Boxing Day and then later on YouTube; I feel really honoured to be part of it. I was also interviewed for January’s Podcast, what a fantastic start to the New Year !!!

The TV ad was filmed at The Lodge, RSPB HQ, in Bedfordshire, which is a really special nature reserve and garden. After meeting some of the crew, I was whisked off for ‘make-up’ – well that’s a first!

I was blown away with the amount of people involved, each person had a specific role in bringing the ad together, there was some proper flash camera gadgets too!

I met up with Nikki who like me, is bird-mad. She was really cool and enthusiastic and even her blue hair & make up reminded me of a kingfisher! Nikki had filmed her clip just before me and we both knew, who was up next!! I think we would have to have an arm-wrestle as to who is the biggest fan, of………Chris Packham!!!

It was great to watch a pro like Chris Packham, he’s incredible. I learnt so much from his presenting style and approach, he’s like an artist at work and everyone was in awe.

And then Nikki and I got to meet him and his dog scratchy. I felt really nervous to talk to him, then my confidence grew and I became more relaxed and had a great conversation, all about where we live, what wildlife we’ve seen and my favourite place in all the world, Mull!

Anyway, enough waffling, here’s the TV ad…..

Just before Christmas I recorded an RSPB podcast – which again was a new experience.

Being asked about my passion for birds…..I had no problem with nerves on this occasion!

You can listen to the clip here

How am I going to Big Garden Bird Watch?

I’ll be doing it from the comfort of the back bedroom, looking out on to our garden. We’ll have topped up the bird feeders and I’ll have a nice cuppa and a notepad at hand to record the sightings.

I’m also organising my own BGBW at Binn Green Car Park, RSPB Dovestones Reservoir, with the young people from Young Operation Farmers and members from People First Tameside. Drop by if you live in the area, we’re bringing the camper van and my mum will make you a brew!

It’s on 26th January 11-2pm and you can expect to see chaffinches, tits, robins, pheasants, kestrels, siskins, peregrine, sparrows, greenfinches and many more

If you haven’t registered for the Big Garden Birdwatch, click here to sign up and receive your pack

So, my question is……..

How will you Big Garden Bird Watch ????

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12 Responses to How will you #BigGardenBirdWatch ??

  1. Lovely as usual x I’ve registered for my pack and am looking forward to improving my twitching skills and taking part in the big watch x


  2. Joan mycroft says:

    I can’t wait George, looking forward to seeing something different this year Fred and I will be doing ours with some kids on the canal and river banks. Good luck hope you get lots of photos. And well done for all your hard work with wildlife.


    • good luck to you Joan with your birdwatch, you will have to let me know what you see
      It’s been a great experience, I really loved the filming and meeting Chris Packham
      see you soon George


  3. Looked like a great day. Good luck with birds on the 26th January!


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