Inspired by Lost Words and Autumn Art this weekend

I’ve made the most of the autumn leaves, the sky, the smell this weekend, by visiting 2 of my favourite places, to experience 2 very different things.

On Friday I went to Hulme Community Garden Centre to watch Lost Words, then I was up and out Saturday morning to visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a wonderful autumn walk.

Lost Words

On Friday straight after school my Mum, Grandma and my new Young Operation Farmer friend, Emma went to see The Lost Words: Seek, Find, Speak. This was a spoken word adaptation of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris,

an illustrated book of acrostic poems or “spells” of twenty nature words at risk of disappearance from modern childhood in an increasingly urban world which is led by technology

and it was absolutely spell blindingly magical, we all loved it.

The garden theatre trail hosted by Hulme Community Garden Centre was led by a charm of Goldfinch performers featuring stunning 3d installations of Jackie Morris’s illustrations “Told in Gold”, with spells wrapped in gold lettering around trees, animals found in the woodland and lines of spells perched on branches like starlings.

Have a watch of my mashed up video of the performance:

I found it really inspirational and relaxing; it challenged me too, in that I’ve never considered the dangers and threats to ‘words’ in that way before

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The next day, Mum, Dad, Buddy and I went to one of our fav autumn places, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and it didn’t disappoint. Whilst we were a little bit limited to the areas we could go with Buddy, it didn’t matter as the park is so big and full of wonder that we spent our day enjoying the fresh air, kicking crunchy leaves and running with my dawg!

Just take a look at these glorious landscape pics, they speak for themselves:

There was a big installation that said, ‘all schools should be art schools’ I kind of agree, but my version would be – all schools should be nature schools

Anyway, here’s just a few of the sculptures

I’ve had an incredibly relaxing weekend inspired by the colours of autumn – I hope you have too.

I’m straight back into a busy week at school and getting stuff sorted with the Young Operation Farmers, as we prepare for The RHS Big Soup Share on 6th Oct

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1 Response to Inspired by Lost Words and Autumn Art this weekend

  1. Joan Mycroft says:

    Wow what a marvellous thing to do and see, looks so beautiful glad you enjoyed it George.


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