Happy first ‘we gotcha you’ day to my best Buddy

Exactly one year today, we got in the car and set off north to pick up our gorgeous little Cypriot rescue dog, Buddy.

Weighing in at a skinny 8kg, he sat on mine and Grandma’s knee all the way home and instantly I was hooked, he stole my heart and my socks!

For the first four months he was really poorly. We were back and to, to the vets for various tests and medicine. He’s a mixed breed dog from the charity Hope 2 Hounds a mix of lab, collie and husky and I can tell you, he’s deffo got the appetite of a Labrador. So getting him to put weight on was a doddle – on his first visit to the vets, he weighed 8kg, just recently he weighed 26kg!

All gardeners need a companion

In the garden he loves exploring, sniffing about, chasing cats, playing and eating ANYTHING. He drives my Dad potty, when he steels bamboo canes and tramples all over delicate flowers.

But in the house left alone….

well that’s a different story! He’s deffo got separation anxiety and left alone, gets up to no good. He’s such a thief and destroyer of goods! Which is why he’s not left that much and if there’s no one at home he goes to Doggy Day Care and he flipping LOVES it there!

Out and about

We stuck to the same walk for a while, whilst he got used to the area and walking on a lead. After a bit of training at puppy classes and some walks on the moors, we could trust him off the lead and boy he just loves to RUN and he can pelt like a steam train


Christmas came and his stealing continued, baubles, stockings, hats, you name it, nothing was safe! Check out this cake, family friend, Kulwant surprised us with, isn’t it epic!

And the Beast from the East gave Buddy his first taste of snow, which he LOVED!

So Happy ‘we gotcha day’ my beautiful boy

I absolutely love him, he’s changed my life. Dogs help you to take your mind off things. It’s such a special bond humans have with their pets, like no other. I think they have got a sixth sense and they can look in to your soul; I just love being with him.

Next blog – it’s harvest time and I’m busy with the Young Operation Farmers; we’ve got a really full programme of activities this autumn!

How’s your harvest???

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6 Responses to Happy first ‘we gotcha you’ day to my best Buddy

  1. Barbara Shockledge says:

    Awe, one of the best things we’ve done. He’s grown into such a lovely dog. It’s so good to see him looking so fit and healthy after his poor start in life. He’s made a fine figure of a dog with a lovely shiney coat and very handsome smiley face xx


  2. Joan Mycroft says:

    Well George that year went very fast but you have had lots of fun on yours and buddy journey so lots more fun and laughter down the line, you are so right Dogs cats or any animal are great for your well being, exciting don’t you think.


  3. Damon says:

    I have never harvested before but I would like to try. And do you have any tips on how to grow and harvest food well in a small garden? Because I live in a house and my garden is not very big. Do you live in an apartment or a house or somewhere else?



    • Hi Damon, that’s a great question. We live in a house with a funny shaped garden, but we still manage to grow stuff in 3 raised beds. I would recommend growing stuff in containers if you have a small garden. You can grow fruit in small bushes/trees. My grandma grows veg in containers and she has great success. Try peas, courgettes and spuds first of all – next spring of course – see how you go with them. Herbs are great too – you can have quick wins with them

      Good luck and keep me posted George


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