Back in the garden with me, Green Fingered George…

Daffodils are poking through, the birds are busy in the garden and Gardener’s World is back on TV; it can only mean one thing…….

Spring is on it’s way !!

Work on the pond

I’m a huge fan of ponds and water features in gardens; if I was ever to design my own garden, water would certainly be a main feature. Over the past 2 weekends I’ve been helping my Dad extend our pond, to help encourage more wildlife into the garden. The current pond has fish in it and is very steep sided; the new pond will have much shallower sides at either end, so that anything that goes in for a drink, for example a hedgehog, can find its way out again.

Our efforts are already paying off, as while we were working we noticed a frog coming up from the depths of the pond. It came up to the surface for a bit, we are thinking it might have been there all winter.

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In the garden….

It’s lovely to see the spring flowers – crocus, daffodils and primroses – poking through. We’ve been cutting back shrubs and generally tidying up

RHS Campaign for School Gardening News Update:


It’s spring and it’s time to sow seeds. All kids love sowing seeds, it’s great fun. Here’s Sarah (gardening teacher) sowing seeds with the People First Tameside Gardening Gang



We’ve started to chit our potatoes, again we’ve chosen Charlotte’s as they seem to really work for us. Here’s a really useful guide on how to grow potatoes in a container


To celebrate the Campaign’s 10 year birthday they are asking groups to take part in The Big Soup Share – sounds great. Community groups will cook their harvest and share with folk. I love my Mum’s ‘Green Soup’. We will be doing this in October at an Operation Farm event with these #MidgetTrees



In my role as RHS Ambassador I’ll be visiting Chaucer Junior School in April to have a nosey at their garden and get stuck in to a few jobs; I’m looking forward to that!



Finally, a reminder that applications for the School Gardener of the Year competition is back open again – look at what it did for me – go for it guys!!!

Busy with the birds

We have seen such a range of different birds in the garden recently including three types of tits, goldfinches, a nuthatch and a chaffinch singing in the magnolia tree. There’s plenty of activity going on at the bird feeder too and I noticed a sparrow with a twig in its mouth yesterday as they are get ready to build their nests. With that in mind….

Location, location, locationWe are pleased to offer this one bedroomed bird box; formally a wine box donated by Lesley from Heyrod Food and recently renovated by my Dad. In a popular location close to local amenities such as bird feeder, pond, trees and shrubs, with 5* views. Vendor is open to offers from any song bird!!

Have a great week folk !

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4 Responses to Back in the garden with me, Green Fingered George…

  1. gardeningontheedgeblog says:

    When I was your age I really really wanted a big pond with lots of water lilies… I am very lucky that I now have one and it is still the place that I love the most in my garden… It is a toad spawning ground, so, at the moment it is absolutely teaming with amorous toads.


    • Oh I’m very jealous about your big toad filled pond ! I’m really hoping our pond becomes frog central soon. Bet you’re happy to get out and about in the garden too eh
      thanks George


  2. Dennis says:

    This is awesome. I read that kind of article on that was also very informative.

    Liked by 1 person

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