Batty Blog – Part 2 of my #WildAboutGardens Week

Here’s the second part of my #WildAboutGardens week blog,

 bringing together my 2 passions , wildlife and gardening #TotallyAmazing

You can read my first blog about the #WildAboutGardens Week here – it tells you all about the annual campaign run by the RHS and The Wildlife Trust, that runs during October half term (so 24th-30th this year) to raise awareness about the importance of gardening for wildlife! #TotallyMyBag



This year it’s all about BATS!!


The RHS Campaign for School Gardening have asked me some ‘batty questions’:

What is your favourite bat experience?

batinflightsilhouetterMy Mum picked me up from scouts in July this year and said there was a big surprise at home. My Dad had been sat in the front room when all of a sudden he saw something drop from the curtains. He looked on the window sill and there was a bat! He called my Mum in and at that point it started flying around the room (she then regretted going into the room and hid behind some cushions!). The bat then flew into the vestibule and into a bag of scarves and hats.

My Dad was able to pick up the bag and place it in a box (with air holes in the top) and take it outside. Once I came home we took the box outside into the top garden to attempt to release the bat. We carefully lifted each scarf and hat out of the bag (My Dad did this with gloves on) and then right at the bottom there it was. We lifted it onto a chair, by using the hat and dampened it slightly with water.

We felt by then that the bat was hungry, dehydrated and probably really stressed. It stayed there for about 15 minutes and showed only a bit of movement. But it was like the moisture and fresh air was bringing it back to life and it slowly started to move. Finally, it stretched out its wings and whoosh it was gone. I’m telling you that was THE BEST wildlife experience of my life!!

We knew what to do because we have had a bat flying around the house before (in the bedroom – I don’t think my Mum would describe it as her favourite bat experience!). We rang the Bat Helpline for advice and they told us what to do; this is their phone number if you ever have a ‘bat emergency’ 0345 1300 228

Why do you think bats are great?

batinflightsilhouetterIt’s really quite amazing to think that they are the only flying mammal and they live here in the UK. We’d be a bit lost without them because they are part of the food chain as they keep insect levels down, especially mosquitos – they are a flipping nuisance! As a flying mammal, they are so unusual and there’s something mysterious about them coming out at night.

As a family, we are outside a lot at home or when we are camping; we love having a BBQ or a fire and looking out for bats – it’s all part of the fun!

What are you doing to help them in your garden?

batinflightsilhouetterQuite simply we are creating a wonderful, wildlife friendly garden with perfect habitats for insects, birds, amphibians and of course mammals, including bats!


What is your favourite UK bat species?

batinflightsilhouetterCommon pipistrelle, apparently, there’s nothing common about it!




Are you batty about bats?

It would be great to hear from you about how you are helping wildlife in your garden – please leave a comment below, answering any of these batty things!

  • What is your favourite bat experience?
  • Why do you think bats are great?
  • What are you doing to help them in your garden?
  • What is your favourite UK bat species?

It’s half-term for me this week and I’ll be blogging and using social media all week about the #WildAboutGardens campaign. I’ve also got a special trip planned to RHS Garden Wisley – I can’t wait for that I’m #WellExcited

1345-rhs-wagweek-logo-gradient2Each year The Wild About Gardens Week focuses on a different type of wildlife to showcase how people can help protect them or improve their garden, to benefit them. Last year was hedgehogs and this year, with the help of the Bat Conservation Trust, it’s all about bats. There is a bit of information on what Wild About Gardens Week is all about and why we need to protect bats here

For further info check out:

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5 Responses to Batty Blog – Part 2 of my #WildAboutGardens Week

  1. talhamuntasir says:

    I am very glad to know that There is a nature lover in this technological age.It is very good.I have a mission too,Changing The World.It will be very hard.You have parents who are supporting you.But my parents never support me in this kind of works.So help me to make the world better.
    Have a good day.Visit my site at


    • Hi it’s great what you are trying to do. My mum always says to take small steps to tackle the bigger things in life, especially those that worry me. I’m sorry to hear your parents don’t support your work – just keep on keeping on !
      Nice to hear from you and I’ll have a toot at your blog
      Cheers George


  2. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Wow it sounds wonderful George, we also have bats they are in the high trees we have in our back, we have a conservative and a full glass Roof , which makes it so beautiful at night, we can see the stars, and watch the bats, it’s lovely, we also have a butterfly house which your grandma bought me and I am trying to make a home for a hedgehog, I think I have found the right place for it so any tips…would be good. Also two bird boxes for small birds like the blue tit. Your blog is great George well done.


    • Thanks Joan, it’s great that you have got bats and trying to make a home for a hedgehog is brilliant as they are endangered and 2 bird boxes is also great.
      You’re certainly doing your bit for nature George


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