Guest Post from Grandma Barbara

My job as an RHS Ambassador is to inspire children to go outdoors and have fun gardening, so I’ve asked family, friends and people I’ve met through the RHS if they would like to write a Guest Post on my blog.

Introducing the first Guest Post from my Grandma Barbara; she likes lemon drizzle cake, red wine and Italian holidays!

Grandma Barbara says……
Hey all young budding gardeners – your garden needs you !!

Like the Spring flowers, its time to “pop your heads out” and get yourselves out there and soak up the fresh air and sunshine, which help you to grow healthy and strong.
Get digging, planting, sweeping and PLANNING – all good exercises for your body and brain! (Here’s George a few days ago, helping me in my garden at home!)

There’s lots to do, all with great results. Every time you do a job in the garden – it makes a difference, and you can see it and feel good about yourself.
Choose your favourite fruit and vegetables and watch them grow knowing you will eventually be able to pick and eat them, and say, “I grew those, myself.” How proud would you be?

Colourful flowers attract butterflies and bees, and you can see how many different birds you can recognise as they pay your garden a visit. (Check out the RHS website for ideas on how to attract pollinating insects into your garden.)

It’s a lovely feeling as you blow off the cobwebs and say goodbye to long stuffy days spent indoors during the Winter.

Thanks Grandma Barbara, I love your Guest Post  from George !

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3 Responses to Guest Post from Grandma Barbara

  1. Mandy Downs says:

    Hey George and grandma Barbara – I think loving lemon drizzle cake is a family thing because it’s my favourite cake too! I know grandma likes Italy because she has visited it a lot. Your blog is fabulous George and I really enjoy reading all about your experiences. I would love it if you could visit our allotment – ask grandma or mum to bring you – you could visit when you go to see Harry and Jen. We have a big pond on the site. We also have a stove in our shed so we make bacon butties – yummy. Hope to see you soon x


    • Thanks Mandy glad you like my blog. I would love to come to your allotment and see the pond. I Especially like the idea of a bacon butty ! I want to go to Harold n Jens n stay the night maybe, I liked their bird feeder . See you soon hopefully George x


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