Finding (some) Fun in February !

I haven’t been into the garden this week because of all the wet and windy weather, but me and my Dad have been talking about the veg we hope to grow this year.

I’ve seen my first snowdrops and the daffodils are poking through. Spring must be on it’s way?!?!?We have 2 raised beds and my Dad has nearly finished building the third, which should be ready for planting in late spring. We’ve always done well growing veg like potatoes, onions, shallots and peas. Courgettes are our biggest success, it’s courgettes for tea every night when they are ready! But take your eye off them for a few days and they soon become humongous marrows! Carrots are a bit hit and miss; we grew a small variety last year in an old washing up bowl and they were really tasty. Last year we dug up this monster parsnip.

If you fancy growing your own veg, check out the resources on RHS Campaign for School Gardening, you might find the Vegetable Crop Planner handy.


In school, our current topic is World War 2. In Forest School, we talked about the Dig For Victory campaign, which encouraged people to ‘grow their own’ and how you could forage for your own food – see the worksheet below.  We talked about air raid shelters – there’s an example of an Anderson shelter in the Cottage Garden at Chatsworth House – and we also planned our own mini garden. This week we have to dress as WW2 evacuees, I’ve got my outfit ready and I’ve borrowed bits from my grandparents, like a ration book, identity card and an old suitcase. Check out my blog next week for photos.

Despite my mum being a cookery teacher, I’m not really in to cooking, but I decided to make some double chocolate chip muffins on Friday; they were a bit wonky because we didn’t have a muffin tin, but they were still scrumdiddlyumptious!                                        Why is the cake mix the best bit?

My dad has been teaching me how to (safely) chop wood with an axe. Then I helped him to build a fire in the front room and used my fire steel to light it. I’m a fire king !             *** Make sure an adult helps you !! ***

My last bit of indoor fun was to make my own Dr Who video using all my characters, bits of string, a tripod and a lot of imagination ! My mum helped me to put the 10 minute film together and it was ………………………….rubbish ! But I enjoyed doing it !

Have you submitted your Big Garden Bird Watch results on the RSPB website yet?

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9 Responses to Finding (some) Fun in February !

  1. Steve says:

    Fabulous George! I’m getting excited for the season of Spring too! I’m already starting to plan which vegetables to grow and where. I doubt I’ll manage to grow a parsnip to the size of that one though! The Dr Who video sounds very interesting too! 😀


    • The Dr Who video is tripe but it made me and my mum laugh especially when the TARDIS crashed.
      What vegetables are you growing?


      • Steve says:

        I bet it’s a cracking video George! I’m hoping to have another try at growing sweetcorn again. I tried last year but I think I planted them out to late and I ended up with baby sweetcorn instead. They were nice but only lasted one meal!


  2. Sarah says:

    You’ve been a busy chap never mind the weather x and I thought we had a deal where cake is. Concerned ?? Xx


  3. Claire says:

    Excellent as always George keep it up, your posts have cheered me up with the antisipation of Spring and getting our veg plot growing & tasty treats from the garden are the best 😀


  4. Joan Mycroft. says:

    I have been cutting back to day George.. Not sure if its early .but a few of my flowers are out already just hope it won’t get colder. I am so looking foireward to spring.


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