Help save Mossley Community Orchard!!!

I was really sad to hear that the land where Mossley Community Orchard is situated has been put up for sale.

actually I wasn’t just sad, I was REALLY ANGRY !!

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My spring gardening plans

I planned to work in the garden with my Dad, but the weather has been LOUSY this weekend in Manchester.

I still managed a bit of community gardening though, before heading off with my mate to the Imperial War Museum.

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Back in the garden with me, Green Fingered George…

Daffodils are poking through, the birds are busy in the garden and Gardener’s World is back on TV; it can only mean one thing…….

Spring is on it’s way !!

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Social media can be great for us young gardeners

This week via my blogYouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages I’ve had some brilliant gardening advice from other keen gardener;

including help with my carnivorous plant, tips on planting pumpkin seeds and feedback about my blog from other young bloggers and it made me think how great social media can be for us young gardeners. Continue reading

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On a farm tour with the ‘Organic Northerners’

At home we garden organically, my Dad works for Organic North and together we visited Gazegill Organic Farm; we are the……….

#OrganicNortherners !!

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I’m helping the RHS to ‘Green Grey Britain’

When you look around at houses, streets and open spaces, you can see for yourself that people in Great Britain are paving over their front gardens to make way for cars, pulling down trees in public places and building on green spaces to make way for more houses.

People aren’t growing any plants and it makes me ……..

really mad and angry!!

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Waxwing Wonderland at Hulme Community Garden Centre

I got slightly side-tracked from writing a blog about the RHS Greening Grey Britain Campaign this weekend,

when I heard that waxwings were feasting on an apple tree at Hulme Community Garden Centre. So, with a little charm I convinced my Mum to take me down and WOW, what a sight!

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