Shelter from the storm

It’s a very quick blog today, with a February update from my garden. I didn’t really intend to write a blog this week, but seeing as Storm Ciara has ripped through the garden, it’s made even the hardest of outdoor fans, stay in and find other things to do instead.

The storm also gave me the chance to do some ‘normal teenager’ stuff, as I’ve been to the cinema with my mate, Hannah.

Meanwhile back in the garden

Dad has got stuck in to some heavy going landscaping; moving soil from where we dug out the pond to a new space we’re creating, which will see an extension to the current herb garden. I helped him smash stones with a lump hammer, it’s proper hard graft and a perfect job if you’re stressed (like after school!). This is a ‘work in progress’ project – it will take some time – but I look forward to showing you all the different stages over the coming months.

Most of the plants are asleep at the moment, but these snowdrops are the star of the show! My last job yesterday was to plant some more wildflowers, which are always hit n miss in our garden.

It felt good to be back in the garden, you get a bit twitchy this time of year, desperate to get cracking! Here’s a vid from yesterday, which I posted to twitter earlier:

RHS Campaign for School Gardening 

Entries are back open for the RHS Young School Gardener of the Year Award; I’d recommend any individual, teacher or team to apply, it’s a great competition and for me personally, it’s given me so many opportunities.

The team have just started another project, it’s called, ‘Grow Social’, which highlights how gardening can bring people together, to connect us with each other and with nature. I will be helping with 2 Grow Social events in April, more details will be on my social media pages.

Youth Strike for Climate

I’m hoping to join the next youth strike for climate on Friday 14th Feb; my school is finishing early for half-term (stroke of luck) and I’ll be jumping on a tram and getting down to St Peter’s Sq, Manchester.

I was speaking to a journalist recently, about how we need more gardeners, because the climate is changing fast and one way to survive almost is through gardening and being able to produce your own food. Because we don’t know what climate change will do in the future, there’s a real possibility that we might not have enough food for everybody on the planet.

What’s your February gardening update? Are you twitchy to get out and get stuck in? Bought and planted any seeds? Started to chit your spuds? Do let me know, by commenting below.

Hope you’ve survived the storm, I’ll leave you with some lyrics from Shelter from the storm by Bob Dylan, an oldie, but a fav of mine:

‘Twas in another lifetime
One of soil and blood
When blackness was a virtue
And the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness
A creature wild in form
Come in, she said, I’ll give you
Shelter from the storm

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