Celebrating summer with my 100th blog

I’ve got nearly 7 weeks off school and what a way to celebrate it with my 100th blog.

Here I count down the 10 most popular posts, before signing off for a jam packed summer of gardening and nature fun !

Top 10 of my most popular blogs:

Greening Grey Britain at RHS Garden Wisley

In at number 10 was how I’m helping the RHS to ‘Green Grey Britain’. It’s a really important campaign and there’s lots of advice about it on the RHS Campaign for School Gardening’s website.

I also wrote and starred in a silly video based on a character from Horrible Histories; click here to watch it


Giving a speech at the Houses of Parliament

The 9th most popular blog was all about The day I went to Parliament; what an honour it was to be asked by the RHS to launch their new Action Plan.

I talked about why I love parks and gardens, how gardening can be good for your health, the importance of gardening in schools, future jobs and qualifications in gardening and why community gardening groups are important

It was a totally awesome day and I loved the inside of the Houses of Parliament.


Me, Adam Frost dwarfed by The Emperor’s Fountain at Chatsworth House

The 8th blog was only 2 months ago, when I filmed for Gardener’s World at RHS Chatsworth with presenter, Adam Frost – that was #OfficiallyAmazing !

I wasn’t allowed to go on the show ground as it was still classed as a building site; but I got to go to the flower show twice, when it was open (once for press day and on the Saturday) and it didn’t disappoint.

Chatsworth as a back drop for a flower show was EPIC and I’ve heard that it’s going to be even better next year. Better get your tickets!


Receiving my RHS Ambassadorship from Alan Titchmarsh

Number 7 – My job as the first ever RHS Young Ambassador – Lots of people ask, what is a young ambassador? For a while I didn’t know either! Then I started to do speeches, wrote things for magazines and my fav bit of the job, visiting schools. I’ve wrote about my 2 ‘official school visits’ – Chaucer Junior and St Christopher’s RC. I love sharing my gardening passion with other kids

Batty about Wild About Gardens Week

My 6th blog was all about Wild About Gardens Week where I went batty for bats! I wrote about my garden and what we do to help and encourage wildlife. Since then we’ve extended our pond and already it’s worked its magic!

This year Wild About Gardens is all about bees I shall be buzzin’ to help

Me and Maria, under the amazing vines

I only posted this last month and already it’s the 5th most popular blog – its all about Maria’s allotment and how  gardening can help when you’re feeling sad

Lots of people wrote comments about the post, like this one….”Lovely post George.  Gardening is good for the soul. It connects us to the things that money can’t buy

Fishing with my Dad

This May I was wild about ‘Stunning Scotland’, which is my 4th most popular blog

I spent a busy week cycling, fishing, walking, bird spotting, swimming and lots more wild outdoor stuff – it was awesome.

I also spotted some perennial flax near the campsite; apparently it’s the only place it grows in Scotland

On Wildlife Watch at The Dyfi Osprey Project

In at number 3 is my post about A Wild Week of Welsh Wildlife – where I raked my first Zen garden at Sculpture Heaven. I spotted my first bittern at The Welsh Wildlife Centre, caught up with resident ospreys, Monty and Glesni, at the Dyfi Osprey Project and checked out Ynys-hir for the first time.

It certainly was a wonderful week of Welsh wildlife !

Dr Robinson sets up a really cool experiment, showing me how to identify the fungus, box blight

My 2nd most popular blog was when I visited Herbarium Heaven – as I went behind the scenes at RHS Garden Wisley’s Laboratory – it was totally awesome and it made me realise how gardening science rocks. I even got to press my first specimen. It joins the collection at Wisley. I am now a plant collector and join the ranks of some of the legendary plant collecting giants, including Charles Darwin #OfficiallyAmazing

Me and the head gardener, Steve Porter

I’m so glad this is number one; one of the best days of my life….. my Dream day working at Chatsworth House

It was a typically wet and windy December day in Derbyshire, but it didn’t spoil my fun. I was put straight to work potting on in the greenhouses and  clearing the trout stream, where I soon discovered I had a hole in my wellies! The Duke of Devonshire invited me into his house and I still remember walking on his posh carpet with my wet wellies squelching!

The best bit was when I turned off the Emperor’s Waterfall – WOW !

I’m looking forward to writing the next 100 blogs, what will I get up to next !

As I said, I’m taking a break from blogging for a few weeks, but I’ll still be posting on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hope the sun shines on you this summer, so you can sit in the garden and enjoy all your hard work!

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6 Responses to Celebrating summer with my 100th blog

  1. Barbara Shockledge says:

    Fantastic George. Wonder what the next 100 will bring??? Good luck with them all xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joan Mycroft says:

    What a fabulous year you have had George, so looking forward to the next 100 blogs, enjoy your hols ,you so deserve them , you have worked very hard and we think you are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Richard Butler says:

    Hallo George, you really have had an exciting year, you put a lot of effort into what you do and its great.I always enjoy your blogs and tweets so please the more the merrier.You really do deserve your holidays so make the most of them, winter is slowly approaching but that has a beauty all of its own.


    • Hi Richard, I’m home from the most fab holiday – such great highlights. I’ll be writing about the wildlife I spotted on holiday and also when I visited Hamps Carnivorous Plants Nursery. Thanks for all your comments this holiday by the way. Hope you’re enjoying summer from George


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