My Dream Comes True As I Film At The Blue Peter Garden

I love Blue Peter and my dream came true when I was asked to help out in the garden with one of the presenters, Lindsey.

I had to keep it secret for a while, but finally I can tell everyone that I’m on CBBC on 2nd June at 5pm with the lovely Lindsey – catch it on iPlayer if you miss it

It was such a great experience, travelling to Media City, meeting the crew & presenter and best of all being awarded a ‘Green Blue Peter Badge’. I really liked the crew, Pete and Harold and found the different cameras they used and filming techniques, fascinating.

We shot different sequences for a 5 minute ‘VT’ (does that mean Video Tape?) in the allotment of the Blue Peter Garden. We filmed from different angles, using different cameras, trying out various ways to say things.

First we shovelled a trug full of horse manure on to the garden; Lindsey was happy about that – NOT!! We planted strawberries, marigolds, rosemary and runner beans, whilst talking about gardening tips and things like companion planting. I really hope they grow well and there is  a good harvest.

It took over 5 hours to film the 5 minute clip and we had some good old Manchester rain to deal with. There were lots of distractions too with trams coming and going, a big screen with loud speakers blaring out, a helicopter above us and lots of people checking out what we were doing. It was hard work, but great fun.

Dan was a big help; he is the gardener that does all the day to day hard work in the grounds of media city.

I do hope you can catch the clip; it was just the best day ever, one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Cheers to Lindsey and the BP Crew !

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5 Responses to My Dream Comes True As I Film At The Blue Peter Garden

  1. Floyd says:

    We will be watching it.
    Have a good holiday.


  2. Joan Mycroft. says:

    Well done George on your dream sounds great day it will be u up there presenting Blue Peter..keep inspiring all the children u can to get out in the fresh air.and enjoy.


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