I Smell Winter

Well it’s certainly gone cold this week and yesterday I enjoyed the first bit of snow of the year at Brockholes Nature Reserve. It’s a fantastic place and really family friendly. I love it, because it’s great for wildlife.

I was soooo lucky to spot a bittern (one of the rarest birds in Britain) – they are really hard to see –  this was the first one my Dad’s ever seen too. As we were leaving Brockholes, ‘I smell winter’  by The Housemartins was playing on the CD player, which is where the title of this week’s blog came from.

Everyday I’ve been up to the top garden having a look to see if the pond had frozen. My Dad’s been working up there too, clearing the space for the third raised bed he’s building. Similar to previous years, we’ve got plans to grow a variety of herbs, peas, potatoes, carrots, onions, shallots and courgettes and maybe in the third bed we might grow some flowers. Here I am in the top garden a few months ago, doing a spot of gardening, with my Dad and Buster the dog, who stays with us occasionally.

I was really chuffed to receive a letter from the Duke of Devonshire this week. He wrote to me saying he had enjoyed reading my blog about the day I spent working at Chatsworth Gardens. He also sent me a leaf spotters guide by The Woodland Trust – I love identifying trees when I’m out and about exploring.

I was really  pleased to hear that Jamie Butterworth has been made an RHS Ambassador too; it’s such great news. I first met Jamie at the RHS Young School Gardener of the Year Award Ceremony in July 2014 and I asked him loads of question. I worked with him at the YoungHort conference in Sept 2014. I also met him at Prince Harry’s Sentebale Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2015. Here’s me and Jamie at the YoungHort Conference 2014

At home I’ve enjoyed the snow; me and my mum had a snowball fight late Saturday night and this morning I was straight out to try a bit of sledging. I wish it was deeper though as it soon turned to slush. I made a rubbish snowman – both his eyes fell out, when I wake up tomorrow there will be a pool of water, 2 pebbles and a bamboo stick!

Lastly, thanks to my Grandad Bernard for knitting these birds. We bought him a knitting book for Christmas and within a few weeks my Grandma rang up to say that Grandad had already knitted a ‘menagerie’ of birds !!! There’s an osprey, song thrush, blue tit, kingfisher and a bird of his own creation !! I love them. Thank you Grandad.

I will be posting some really exciting news this week. I just can’t wait to tell you what I’m doing on Tuesday…..watch this space!!!!

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16 Responses to I Smell Winter

  1. Claire says:

    Love reading your posts George looking forward to reading about Tuesday sending all our love to you, mum & dad have a great week xxx


  2. Steve says:

    That all sounds wonderful George, I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me feel young again! 😄 Look forward to your next update!


    • I’m glad my blog makes you feel young again, you are already slightly childish and bonkers!!! Did you have much snow ?


      • Steve says:

        You know me too well George!! 😄 giggling is good for you, it’s your mums fault! We had a covering of snow last night but sadly it’s melted today. Remember when you came up last year and we had a snowball fight in the garden? ⛄️


  3. Angie says:

    Another brilliant update George, Always a pleasure to read, Well impressed with Grandad’s knitting too! x


    • Thanks Angie. Aren’t the birds brilliant. My Grandma said he can’t stop knitting – he will have done the whole book by the end of the month !! I’ve put them all over my bedroom with my other nature things


  4. Barbara Shockledge says:

    That’s all fantastic George. Those birds are great too. Champion knitter Grandad Bernard! Good luck on tuesday.!!!! Xxx


  5. joan mycroft says:

    Wow George what a week u have had. Its lovely at this time if the year. Its cold but lovely today I saw a bird to day I was so close to it looked like a kestrel type bird all brown and very beautiful. Maybe u know what it may be. I was on the Motorway near sale waterpark… Looking forward to your news about this week. U r doing a great job.joan x


    • Hi Joan, it’s been a busy few days !! I’m just about to write it all up on my blog now !!
      There’s 2 birds that hang around motorways – kestrels and buzzards, as you say it was probably a kestrel – I love them.
      See you soon George


  6. Sophie says:

    Great to see Grandad’s little menagerie ^_^ Really proud of you, George 🙂


  7. bernardhassall@btinternet.com says:

    keeping up with your blog ceorge and your cupcakes look great . looking forward to coming to the cafee. love granma and grandad


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